Many times, artists avoid being "commerical." Some extreme advocacy spreads the notion that making any connection to the commerical and business world pollutes the artistic industry.

As a music educator, I don't agree with this at all. Many world-class corporates are aware of the responsiblities of corporate citizenship. They provide funding to support different creative projects and artistic campaigns. Like I've mentioned earlier, Volkswagon is a perfect example of it.

Here, I'd like to share another website, which is sponsored by HSBC. It is the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's interactive website about art and artists for students from kindergarten through upper primary.

I'm not interested in investigating coporate's intention behind these sponsorships. As a music teacher, I only choose quality websites to support my teaching; and obviously, sufficient funding is crucial to support the launch and maintenance of these websites. I do appreciate corporates who takes part in making arts education a more pleasant experience for children.