Year 1 music: Is clapping music?

We clap to show appreciation, respect, encouragment, etc...but little do we pay attention to how clapping can enhance rhythms and beats in a piece of music.

Young children, around 6-8 years old, love watching "extremes" - biggest ant in the world, tallest building in Hong Kong, smallest dog, etc. That's why they're ecstatic when they watch this video of the fastest clapper in the world.

Certainly, you can expect how everyone in class would start imitating what this clapper can do. It's important to point out that the clapper doesn't just clap like crazy, he's actually clapping to a rhythm. Bit by bit, he acclerates.

Other then clapping, tapping is another way of creating rhythms.

It's important for students to know that even when there's no musical instruments present, with our hands, we can make music anytime, anywhere. =)