Chinese Arts

In class, we have been learning about 2 Chinese poems in class. We have used different percussion instruments to accompany them. Below is a Chinese percussion orchestra playing a song about the conversation among the ducks. Check it out and see if the instruments look like the ones that we have been playing with in class.

鴨子拌嘴 (A conversation among the ducks)

Other than poetry and music, Chinese paintings are also very famous. The effect of water ink on paper is amazing. Here is an animated version of Chinese watercolor art. The background music is cool, too! Does the music match with what goes on in the story?

The Cowboy's Flute

What happens if you have some water colour but no paper? Can you still draw? A very smart artist think of using water as his canvas and created beautiful pictures on water.

敦煌 (Dun Huang)

Dun Huang used to be a very important city in ancient China. It was a major stop along the famous Silk Road, which eventually leads to India.