Lullaby from Israel

The Jews have gone through a lot of tough times in history; it is not hard to find traces of bitterness in Jewish music. Listen to this lullaby and refer to the translation below, you would be able to empathize some of the deep emotions that mothers and children carry.

By the Wayside stands a tree

By the wayside stands a tree, bent against the storm.
All the birds have deserted it, leaving it alone and unprotected.
A child says to his mother:"I will become a bird
and sit in the tree to comfort it with my song during the winter."

"No, my child," his mother weeps,
"you will freeze to death, sitting in the tree.
But if you really must, be sure to put on your scarf and galoshes,
your fur hat and warm underwear."

The child sings:
"I lift up my wings but cannot fly.
My clothes are too heavy.
Sadly I gaze into my mother's eyes,
knowing that it was her love for me
that prevented me from soaring like a bird."

A very old Jewish instrument - Shofar
The Shofar is the horn of a ram. It is mentioned a lot in the old testament of the Holy Bible. In Jewish tradition, the shofar is played during religious ceremonies. In modern time, composers have incorporated the sound into their music. Let's listen to the shofar's sound.

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