Show recommendation Feb/Mar 2011 - Painting with light

Light and darkness - day in and day out, we let these two most natural phenomenons pass by without even noticing it.

A group of creative artists from the UK (POWERPLANT) have cleverly manipulated the power of light and darkness.  Any garden can become their canvas at night; as dusk fall, the light of magic begins. You may want to watch a slide show below to see what this project is about.

How would you describe it? Fascinating? Dreamy? Spooky? It's definitely something that I have never seen before but would love to experience it in person!   Hong Kong audience is so lucky!  This awesome "light exhibition" will be part of the Hong Kong Art Festival 2011

Our Kowloon Wall City Park will be Powerplant's canvas this time. The exhibition will be held between 18 February to 13 March, 2011. Please click HERE for the show details.