Show recommendation April 2011 - Czech Puppetry

If you ever make a trip to Eastern Europe, Prague is a city you cannot miss. I love the city - from its castle to its wooden toys, and of course their famous puppet theatre! When you walk down any street in prague, you can see a little shops that sell marionettes, like the one below:

My favorite puppet shop Prague (2009)

Inside the shop - many different kinds of marionettes/puppets!
Puppet theatre has a long history in Czech culture. Watching a puppet show in Prague was an exciting experience for me; I'm sure children will feel the same way!

In April 2011, a group of famous puppeteers from North Czech Republic, Naïve Theatre Liberec, will bring this fascinating form of theatre art to Hong Kong. They will be putting on 3 performances of Alibaba and 40 Thieves, between 7-9 April in HK City Hall and Shatin Town Hall. The performance is suitable for children 6+.

Please visit URBTIX for ticket information.