Year 4 Music: Beatboxing

Our voice is an amazing instrument. Except singing, we can produce quite an amazing variety of percussive sounds with the movement of our mouth, our lips and our tongues. Can you come up with some funny sounds by moving different parts of your mouth?

The use of human voice as percussion instruments in music is not a new concept. It has existed in some music cultures for a long time. However, it does not become a trend in pop culture until the 1980's when such technique was coined the term "BEATBOXING."

It doesn't take too long for beatboxing to become an important element in hip-hop culture. Before we learn the basic of beatboxing and create our own patterns, shall we see a performance by a master beatboxer, Hikakin from Japan.

Want to go beyond the cat/dog/bear beatboxing? Click HERE to learn more about beatboxing notations and start creating your own rhythm!