Year 4 Music: Ledger lines

The highest note in this melody is called a D7

Kids love knowing about extremes - the tallest man, the fastest car, the biggest hamburger. It seems everything that ends with an "-est" catches their attention. Recently, I'm covering the concept of LEDGER LINES in music class. I've planned to show them the extremes in human voices so that they can see use the ledger lines in action. Through the videos in the blogpost below, they hear the highest and lowest notes ever sung by a man as well as the most famous high note in classical music.

If you plan to teach this lesson, do except the children to start testing their voices out after watching the videos because they can't resist. Please bear with some extreme voices in your classroom for a while! Have fun teaching this.

As instrumentalist, my children are also interested in finding out the range of different orchestral instruments they plan. I promised to upload them so they can compare it at home. Click to see the larger image.