Year 1 music: Teaching DO-RE-MI

The song DO-RE-MI is such popular song that a lot of children have heard of it before primary school, which means it's not a good idea to introduce it in class. (And for some reason I'm NOT a Sound of Music fan at all.)

I compare this song to DO-RE-MI (from Sound of Music), and see if they can use the right terms to describe the similarity and differences (melody, rhythm, words, etc). Then everyone is all set for a unit on "d-r-m-f-s-l-t-d'." =)

The clip of the original DO-RE-MI is quite easy to locate on Youtube.  I'd like to share another very popular version.  (It has over 19,000,000 hits on youtube!!)  It is a recent performance of a group of dancers at a train station in Belgium.  The dance formation is simply amazing to watch!