Lullaby from Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is the largest country in the region of EURASIA - at the crossroad of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Azeri music has long tradition. Its style is a mix of Turkish and Iranian music. Let's start our unit by listetning to a lullaby from Azerbaijan which tells the story about an Azeri baby's dream.

English Translation

Sleep very very sweet my baby grow up,
Become big and clever my baby
One day you'll add your voice
To the voice of universe, my baby
Every passing bird, every river says lay-lay to you
My baby in our most joyful and beautiful motherland
You are my pride and joy
You are my soul that is within my own soul
Your breath is so clean and innocent
Like the light wind in the field

Let's watch another video which is a clip of Iranian cartoon. You can see some instruments that are common around the Eurasia area. You can also see and hear the two Azeri strings instruments which we have discovered in class, Tar and Kamancheh.