Year 2 music: Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the wolf is a brilliant composition. No matter how many times I've taught this, I'm still impressed by Prokofiev's creativity. This is still the best work I've come across that gives children a perfect start to learn about instruments, orchestra and program music. Click HERE to read more about Prokofiev.

Not only is the music wonderful, the story is simple yet so carefully writting to trigger children's imagination - the story's ending seems to be a perfect closure when the wolf is captured and escorted to the zoo by all the characters. Prokofiev, at this time, reminds the audience about the duck (who was eaten by the wolf early in the story.) - someone still hears her cry.

Prokofiev leaves the story to the children. I can already see how my Year 2 would keenly raise their hands, longing to share their thoughts about what really happens to the wolf and the duck and Peter and...

The wonder of this story makes it one of the most all-time-favorite teaching sources for music teachers. (You'd be amazed by how many sites and .pdf files you can download when you google "Peter and the Wolf")

I cannot wait to go through this exciting journey with my Year 2 this year! I still play them this old movie (in which the setting is not original) because I find the "Peter" from the 3-D movie (2006) looks a bit evil...the 2-D version is also shorter, which makes it a more appropriate source for classroom music.

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