OWL BABIES by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

This is one of the BEST children books I've come across. It is very difficult to have toddlers sit down for a 10-minutes story, but this story has never failed me once. It's not just pictures, in fact, the colours used in the illustration is quite dark (same tone as the cover).

The story is quite long comparing to normal picture books for toddlers, but they love the storyline so much; that's why they can sit down quietly for it. It is about 3 owl babies who couldn't find mommy in the middle of the night and the conversations they have before the return of Mommy Owl. Baby Bill is a key character, coz he's the crying baby who always says, "I want my mommy..." with which children can SO empathize.

It'd give this book a 9/10. I used to say 10/10 before, once, a girl in class asked me "Where is Daddy?" =)

I rarely see this book at local book stores; I think I've seen it once in Bumps to Babes and once in an open market at Discovery Bay.

Here's the animated version of the story. But believe me, you'll really enjoy reading it to your child!

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