Online arts galleries for children (UK, USA, CANADA)

Visual art was never my favorite subject; now I regret that I didn't learn to draw. Although I don't have the skill to analyse the techniques used behind paintings, I like looking at paintings at art galleries. When I visit museums abroad, I realize how a lot of them has resources for children available. Those little guide books usually include child-friendly games and assignments that trigger children's interest to look at different paintings. They are usually free, so pick up one or ask for it when you visit art museums. I'd like to share 3 official art museum sites from UK, USA and Canada. I'm sure children will enjoy the games they offer.

1) National Gallery @ London, UK

My favorite children guide was from London's National Gallery. This is a page from their website which I like a lot, it's called "Noisy paintings". Its online resource is not as abundant as the ones that I'll soon introduce, but you can click into this site to have a glimpse into what they have to offer at the gallery:

2) National Gallery of Art

Another site that I'd like to recommend is the National Gallery of Art in Washington. I've never been to the real gallery, but this is definitely a SUPERB site for children to explore the many facets of visual art.

3) The National Gallery of Canada

Another website is supported by the government of Canada. This is FUN~~~I couldn't stop playing the game "eye spies"~~What an enjoyable way to look into the details of paintings. (the games take a bit longer to load though)