Year 5 music: Music experiments

Children like breaking rules and challenging norms.  When I ask my children to compose, I give them certain parametres.  In return, they will ask me all kinds of questions on whether they can do something beyond the parameters given.  In primary years, I usually tell them all kinds of ideas are acceptable as long as the technical bits are correct, e.g. number of beats, direction of stems, etc.  I deliberately avoid teaching them musical elements such as forms phrasing because I don't want them to feel confined when they create.  They are happy with this deal and would create pieces that are technically correct but probably un-playable on a real instrument.  I was very excited when I ran into this series of experimental music.  It seems like an extension to my children's imagination.  Children are just as excited when they see these "crazy" composition coming true!

What the composer of this series did was to stretch small musical ideas, such as scales, octave, glissando, dissonance, etc into a motif; hence, into a song.  Here are a few examples (you may see all the "experiments" by clicking the linking videos at the end of each clip)

Experiment #1 - Glissando

Experiment #3 - A lot of Notes

Experiment #4 - Scales and Octaves