Year 5 music: Noteflight Exercise 2012

Recently, in my Year 5 music class, my students ahve been exploring this website called NOTEFLIGHT, where they can compose and store music online for free.  We have spent about 3 hours on this online program and we all enjoyed the experience a lot.  This group of children have had regular music lessons with me for 5 years and I would say that most of them have pretty solid music knowledge; therefore, I think it's time to let them apply their skills to digital composition!
The goal of the first noteflight exercise is to have them complete and unfinished melody I have written for them.  (I didn't give them much guidelines - as long as they can copy what I have written and add 8 more bars, they pass the assignment)  I hear a lot of quality conversation and discussions when they were engaged in their composing.  None of them did the assignment just to aim for a pass, everyone was so eager to create!!  I was thrilled to see that our music class has finally evovlved into a class for idea exchange and new knowledge (music) creation!  Some children are still in exploratory stage where they test out the possibilities of all functions available - making "crazy" music!  While others are serious about creating a "good" piece of music.  Some of them have succeeded, and i would like to share some of the wonderful work here!  I have asked their permission to publish and share their music here. 

Score #1 by Bryan and Emily

Score #2 by Anson and Matthew

Score #3 by Sonia and Hugo